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  1. It never did... but would be of great interest!
  2. Hi there, It seems that release 3 didn't fix all the problems with the 3D projects. I've got a project in which I've defined the strings and now, after trying to reload it, the program crashes. It's a huge problem since I need to deliver and I'm not in the mood (nor have the time) to start all over again. Luís
  3. ? No bugs there! Thanks Martin.
  4. Hi there, I'm testing this version and after I select a SolarEdge Inverter, I can't select the apropriate optimizer. Only the test is available. This is a major BUG.
  5. Hi there, And in case I have the 2018 version and want to upgrade to 2020? From what I've seen the update prices to the newer version vary from version to version. Should I wait until 2020 is available or buy the 2019 R14 upgrade and when 2020 is available I will get the update? Thanks
  6. Hi Marcel, Thanks for your help. Unfortunately structures A) and C) aren't parallel to the terrain and that is what I need, maintaining a leaned roof with 6º. Is it possible without having to model outside PVSOL? Merry Christmas Luís
  7. Hi everyone! I'm trying to place a structure (car park) in a tilted terrain, so that the structure assumes the inclination of the terrain but, it goes right throw it... That car park also needs to be inclined towards west but it seem that PV Sol only allows me to lean an object in one axel. Is it true or there is another way of doing this? Thanks Luís
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