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Reflection on the Module Interface


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Can you explain me please what is relate to "Reflection on the Module Interface"?

I made 2 simulation with same amount of DC power and 2 different panels for each model and the parameters above has weird number for one compare to the other.


attached the 2 reports.


Thanks for your help.




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hey Alberto, I can think of only one reason for this. As you mentioned that you've used two difference modules, there is a chance that "Anti Reflection Coating" is different for the two modules. This is just my assumption, may be there is a better explanation the PV Sol team can provide.

Also the "orientation and inclination of module surface" is different for the modules. Is the inclination different for both the cases?. If yes, this is also a reason for different reflection losses.


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Hi Alberto,

Vishnu is right, the reason is the different relfection behaviour of the PV modules. There is a factor called IAM (incidence angle modifier) and is part of the data that is entered by the manufacturers:



And then, as Vishnu also mentioned, the module orientation and inclination of the PV modules has to be identical in order to be able to compare the results. From what I see in the energy balance that you attached, there is a difference between the two systems (one with -3.61 kWh/m² and the other with +2.48 kWh/m²)

Kind regards,


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Hi everyone,

quick question please, is it possible for a solar panel to have an IAM of 100% ?

For context, the SunPower E20 327W commercial panel is listed within the PVSol database as IAM 100%. I understand this is specified by the manufacturer, though I'd like to double check this value, using information available on the web? For example, is there a specific place on the web to search for this IAM value, for double checking reasons?

Thank you in advance,


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