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Geolocation error

Marta Gonçalves

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Good afternoon,

A few weeks ago I mentioned that geolocation was'nt working correctly. After your answers I got it working fine, but now the problem has returned.
I'm starting a new project and when I do the 3D modeling, the image (after the System Type and Climate definition) returns to positioning itself off Africa.

Can you solve this bug permanently?


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Hi Marta,

I am not sure if I can reconstruct your problem correctly. Could you describe step by step what you do (click) after opening PV*SOL? This would be helpful. Ideally you could provide a screenshot of each step.

Which version do you use? Do you use climate data that you generated yourself?

Kind regards,


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Hello Marcel,

To simplify the procedure, I open a new project and in the "Type of system, climate and network" page I will create a new location in the Climatic Data.

As I do the Search area I put the name of the place and the information (square indicated in the attached image) shows that "nothing was found". At this point I have to go manually looking for the place (which becomes a difficult task because I do not have landmarks) with the help of the Google Earth program.


After defining the new location with the meteorological data, we continue to the "3D Modeling" page and click on EDIT.

A new window called "New 3D Scenery" appears, where I choose the "Map Clipping" option. When opening the window with Bing Maps it is always located off the coast of Africa, and it is necessary to manually find the place I want.
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