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Photoplan image gets grey


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Hey there,


This is the second time that this issue happens to me. Import the image in Photoplan, design the system and once I close the Photoplan window the little image in PVSOL gets grey. At first I thought it was only that little image but if I enter back in photoplan I see something like this.image.thumb.png.6250a406fc7c5a40303d6f01cddb8c4c.png

I "solved" it exporting the picture once I created the design and then replacing the grey image in the report with the good one that I exported before.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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Hello Esteban

Unfortunately I never heard of this issue before. I passed this to our support team and created a ticket.

Could this happen since you updated your Windows OS? Could you specify a vague date where updates did take place probably?

Thank you for further information and kind regards!

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Hi Frederik,


Mmm honestly I don't think it has to do with the Windows update. This is the second time that happens to me and I've done quite a few projects. I believe that maybe has to do with the image characteristics (probably size or something like that) I'll run some test and see if I find the solution. It was just to know if this was a known issue.


In other order of things, I'm facing another issue. I'll post it here but let me know if I have to create a new thread. 

Second or third time that this happens to me. When I change some characteristics of the projects, the simulation results and report are not shown. The first time was when I activated or deactivated the 3D view, now is depending on the model of batterie that I choose. Any idea?


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Hi Esteban

On 4/18/2023 at 5:00 AM, Esteban said:

Any idea?

This sounds extremely strange. Could you send two files of a project so I can have a look into it?

The simulation results are not shown after a re-simulation took place in order to respect the changed parameters?

Thank you in advance and kind regards

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