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Hi again,

yes, you would have to find out the specific co2 emission for Sweden, as up-to-date as possible. Perhaps the Swedish energy ministry publishes such data? On Wikipedia I found that in 2013 the electricity consumption was 133.2 TWh, while the CO2 emissions were 37.5 Mt. This would equal to 282 g/kWh, but perhaps you'll find more recent information.

Here's the Wikipedia page:


Kind regards,


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Hello everyone,

I will hijack this thread as to avoid creating a new one.

Based on the CO2kWh from the simResults, how do you calculate the actual CO2 emissions avoided that is shown in the report?

I have tried multiplying it with several kWh/Year fields, starting with Own Consumption, but I am unable to arrive at the value in the report.

What is the formula here?

CO2kWh * ?


Thanks in advance

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Hi obrvaner,

Yeah, the calculation is just as simple as g/kWh and you have to input that yourself based on your region and and LCA for the system.

You can change it here:



And I just want to add, in regards to what Martin said above about how dirty our electricity in Sweden is that the calculation is wrong because those are our total energy emissions calculated on electricity production. And electricity only stands for about 9% of our emissions. We're about 30g/kWh, second cleanest electricity in Europe I believe. 

Which, coupled with the most reliable LCA I've read (assuming that the panels are made in China) doesn't really guarantee that solar in Sweden is a net positive for the climate.

I don't tell my costumers this as they're not really after the environmental benefits but rather the economical and if they want to feel like they're doing the climate a great service at the same time I'm not going to burst their bubble. 

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Hello Jimmy,

Thank you for your response.

My question is which value(s) need to be multiplied with 470 (or whichever value is set for CO2 saving) to get the highlighted result bellow.


To clear things up, I am using the simResults.xml to generate the same report and can not figure out the formula.

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