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Electricity savings

Jan Sorensen

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Dear Jan,

one way would be to remove the electrical appliances from the project, that is, set the project type to "Grid connected PV system". But this is perhaps not what you want. The other option would be to set the from-grid price to 0 €/kWh, then the electricity savings don't appear in the cash flow.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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I would suggest a check box or similar to be included in a future update of the program so as to include or exclude savings from the cash flow tables.
The inclusion of savings makes it difficult to compare e.g. calculated IRR or payback periods with IRR or payback periods on other solar projects.

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Hi ? 

I'm trying to figure out how; in the cashflow table, the Feed-in / Export Tariff valueElectricity Savings values are calculated please?

I checked the help site but I don't think the page covers this; https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2020/calculation/financial-analysis/

As a back-story; I'm trying to replicate the PV Sol values just out of interest and because we hand this information to customers so best to understand it completely, although I'm not the best at maths. I'm about £1.00-£15.00 out on the first year.

I've attached a link to the file I'm using to try and replicate the PV Sol values below. I've highlighted the cells I want to match in Purple, they are in the 'Year' tab and 'PV Cashflow data' tab. It's possible my formulas are using the wrong data column in the .csv file - there are so many similar columns. Or there is something else I don't exactly know, but there is only so much digging before I ask for advice.

Thank you!



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