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  1. I am simulating a bifacial system with east-west configuration. Albedo is set to 100 and modules are elevated to a height to secure rear irridiance -- not intended under real system operation. PVSol reports on ground reflection (albedo), but no rear irridiance. In south configuration with the same panel, I do get rear irridiance, but not in east-west. Any special trick to east-west config? Jan
  2. This is with reference to bifacial modules and 3D visualization. I am able to create an elevation in 2D, but not in 3D. Since no elevation in 3D, no rear side production. Modules placed on roof, tested for various mounting structures. Jan
  3. Is the economic efficiency indicator Electricity production cost (currency/kWh) calculated on the basis of and the equivalent of a levelized cost of electricity? Jan
  4. I am sorry, I need some more help. How should I interpret an annual cycle load of: 0,003369 Jan
  5. Jan Sorensen

    Cycle load

    I am looking for information on the number of cycles that the battery makes in for example a year. I see the parameter cycle load, but can not find information on this indicator in the FAQ. Is no of cycles for a battery calculated?
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