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BUG - 3D cabling refresh problem

Joao Prates

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Yes, I know, you're working on a new 3D module that won't be ready for 18 months...

Yes, I know, you're not planning to introduce new features or even correct bugs on current 3D...

However... I really think a line should be drawn somewhere, because as it stands some 3D features are just about useless and desperating if we try to use them.


I'm trying to use 3D "Cable Plan" feature and it's really driving me nuts, the object/node tree refresh is almost never happening, no matter how many times we rename a node.

One gets things like this:


Obviously there are not 4 bundles with the same name, they all have been renamed, but the configuration tree refuses to load the new names.

This happens with all kinds of nodes, it's desperating really! How are we suppose to guess to which node do we want to connect or do any operation for that matter?


On the same exact scenario and without doing anything but switching to the "Cable Nodes" tab on the object tree, we get this:


Sometimes no nodes have updated names, sometimes only some have, in this case all but the first were showing the correct renamed titles.

If we select the node not displaying the correct name and ask to rename it again, it shows the correct title, it's crazy:



I'm sorry, but this puts cable design completely on the zero usability department, it's a nightmare to work in design in this circumstances.

Please do something about this refresh problem ASAP, it's not usable at all as it stands.




EDIT: Forgot to add this other annoying issue in the same cable module:


This is happening ALL THE TIME, we select one node, right click to do some operation on it, and the only option that appears is to remove all cable nodes. Argh.


EDIT 2: Just came back from lunch, opened the saved project file, and found out that all the renamed nodes that were not showing in the tree were saved with the original/wrong names.

So all of the work done renaming the nodes is lost, and we have to rename them again, only to find out some will refuse to be renamed, and so on... this bug is a nightmare.

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Sure, anything I can do to help you improve the software you can count on it.

I'm not here just to point out errors, I will do my best to help you solve them.

Just note that the project will show correct naming already, as I've spent many hours fighting with it till I got all nodes correctly named and saved.

Check your inbox in 5 minutes time.

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