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Current Climate Data Meteonorm


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Dear Team Valentin/ Martin,


Is there an option to import actual/current climate data with meteonorm? We would like to use Meteonorm only we find the data outdated, namely 1991 - 2010.

Is this possible with the demo version of Meteonorm? Do you have an explanation for this if possible?

We find the option with PVGIS insufficiently accurate, as you explained to us in our previous question.


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,


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Dear Remu,

yes, you can import climate or weather data into PV*SOL via its meteo module Meteosyn (which integrates Meteonorm). See the data format description here:


The reason why climate data from 1991 - 2010 is used in Meteonorm is that 1) you always want to use long-term climate data to realistically represent the location's weather "behaviour" over a long period of time, not just e.g. the last five years and 2) at the moment there is no climate data with a more recent period of time in Meteonorm 7.2. For some countries, there is data from 1996-2015, but not for the Netherlands.

See also the difference between weather and climate data, and TMY here:


In PVGIS, you get satellite derived climate data in good quality for 10 years time periods (not as secure as 20 years, but ok), also for the Netherlands. This is what I would recommend to you at the moment, as long as Meteonorm has no more recent data. But also keep in mind, that for PV simulation and the reliability of the simulation results, more recent doesn't forcibly mean better.


All the best, kind regards,



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Hi Reint,

the easiest way would be to import the comma separated values in Excel so that they appear in their own column. Refer to this short guide here : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/import-or-export-text-txt-or-csv-files-5250ac4c-663c-47ce-937b-339e391393ba

The result would look like this:


Then it should be easier to eliminate the columns that you don't need and compile the dat file as required.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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