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  1. Hi Martin, The CSV file that I try to convert to the right *.dat file format contains more data then required. If I would like to prepare the file, do I have to change all 8760 rows by hand?
  2. Hi! I tried to import the CSV file from PVGIS but it doesn't work. MeteoSyn only accepts DWD, Meteonorm or WBV files... Do you have a solution?
  3. Hi! The climate data that PVSol allocates to most locations in the Netherlands is quite outdated (1990-2010). However, the radiation has significantly increased last years. Therefore, the estimated yield could be underestimated by PVSol. Would it be possible to use more recent climate data that also incorporates the last 10 years, for example with a range from 1990 untill 2020? And, if possible, would you recommend to do this?
  4. I have compared the energy balances of both systems, but there are some things I can't explain. For example losses due to module-indepent shading, which are higher for the SolarEdge configuration, while this should be indepent of the configuration, right? Also I find 1,66% losses due to the optimizers quite high. The first energy balance is from the SolarEdge configuration, the second one from Huawei.
  5. Hi! I have configured the same system with both SolarEdge (including optimizers) and Huawei inverters to make a comparison. It is a system with quite some losses due to shade, therefore, I expected quite a better performance of the SolarEdge configuration. However, the results are pretty close according to PV Sol: SolarEdge + optimizers: - Yield: 813,47 kWh/kWp - Performance ratio: 81,0% Huawei: - Yield: 808,43 kWh/kWp - Performance ratio: 80,1% Does PV overestimate the performance of Huawei, or does PVSol underestimate the performance of the SolarEdge o
  6. Hi, I would like to incorporate an overview image of the PV system in my presentation. However, the image that is generated by PVSol does not show the entire system I designed. Is it possible to change this image?
  7. Hi Martin, I tried to uncheck all the boxes to remove the autarco's from the selection. However, 14 still keep on being selected while I can't see them anywhere.
  8. Hi! For some reason 14 inverters from the brand Autarco cannot be deselected when I'm trying to generate an automated configuration by PV Sol. When I select all inverters from Autarco the selected inverters add up to , but when I deselect all inverters, PV Sol still keeps 14 inverters in my selection.
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