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error: max phase difference exceeded


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Hy there,

in the attached project i have used only one  solaredge single phase inverter (S5000H) with two strings. Could you please explain me why there is a warning that "max phase difference between inverters is exceeded". 

1. Why does it say "inverters" when i used only one

2. what is this warning about and how can i over come this


Dauerwaldweg 15_süd_190529_1phWR_buildingparallel.pvprj

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Hello Vishnu,

Yes, that's true, the warning is not entirely clear.

You will get the warning if the "Unbalanced load" option is enabled.  Then you get a warning if the load difference between two phases is greater than the set value.

1 inverter with 5 kVA at a 3 phase grid
Power connected to the conductor
L1 : 5 KVA
L2: 0
L3: 0

max difference : 5 kVA -> warning message



Kind regards,


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dear Marcel,

Thank you for the reply. That helped to some extent. i am still not clear if this applies to a single phase inverter with multiple strings ?

What are impacts if i uncheck the unbalance load option in simulation?. I mean, are there any particular measures/steps that I need to take when installing the modules and inverter?

as this is solaredge inverters that we are talking about, i want to bring it your notice that I simulated the same string design in "SolarEdge Designer" (it is a design/simulation page from Solaredge, just in case you haven't encountered it) and it accepted the design.

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Hello Vishnu,

This value is particularly important for single-phase inverters as they are only connected to one phase. Three-phase inverters are evenly connected to all phases and therefore (usually) have no asymmetrical loads on the grid (with a 3-phase grid). In addition, this value refers to the AC part of the PV system, so it does not matter how many strings your inverter has.

In addition, this option has no influence on the simulation. It is only of an informative nature, e.g. for PV systems in Germany, where only a maximum of 4.6 kVA is permitted as unbalanced (asymmetrical) load.

Kind regards,


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