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Generation Panel Degredation

Stuart Patience

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I have just noticed that when I change the panel degradation the summary shown in the report for PV Generator Energy (AC Grid) does not change - thus, this shows in an ideal world with no panel degradation what the first year would be (100%). If I start with 97% in year one this does not reduce? Is there a way of showing the average over 20 years?

Also, how do I get the graph of the panel degradation shown in  the Results tab included in report? Or do I need to copy and paste into another document?



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Hi Stuart,

in the simulation of the first year of energy production, the module degradation is not accounted for. It is applied only to the economic calculations and displayed in the diagram 'PV energy during observation period'. This diagram is also included in the project report.



On the results page, under 'Simulation', you'll see also the reduced grid feed-in due to degradation in the first year:



Unfortunately we do not provide the average over the observation period in the results. You would have to copy the data table of the diagram above to the clipboard, paste it in Excel and calculate it there yourself.

Hope that helps, kind regards,



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Hi Stuart,

Then you could copy the values from the diagram perhaps. But the numbers there represent full calendar years, so there might be differences if your start of operation is not January 01. Additionally there is the difference between the grid feed-in and the PV energy (AC) even when you don't have electrical appliances as the inverters have some own consumption during night. Also consider that you don't start with 97% module power if you enter a degradation of 97% for the first year. You start with 100% and the module power will reduce to 97% in the first year as displayed in the diagram as well:



Perhaps I should give an example. I have a standard PV system with consumer, module degradation is shown as above, start of operation is January 01.

  • From the Energy balance:
    • PV energy (AC) as simulated without module degradation is 3537.69 kWh
    • Grid feed-in (i.e. minus the standby consumption of -0.79 kWh), also without module degradation is 3538.48 kWh
  • From the simulation results:
    • Grid feed-in in the first year is 3479 kWh
      • note that 3479 / 3538 = 0.983, which is more than the 97% because you only reach the 97% in the end of the first year
  • From the diagram 'PV energy during observation period'
    • PV energy AC in the first year is 3477.9 kWh (taken from the first bar in that bar chart)
    • this is slightly less due to the standby consumption of the inverter

So, I guess what you want are the numbers from the bar chart 'PV energy during observation period', right? You could copy them by right clicking on the chart.

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Kind regards,



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