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  1. #thanks works fine on the monitor so have it plugged in now - I also dragged the right hand side window across. I have just checked again and R5 seems to be better - or other Windows updates? Chris has also helped in the UK.
  2. Stuart Patience

    2020 R4

    R4 causing lots of issues with layout: Two Project fields on Project Data Tab, layout also looks clumsy Panel model not able to be selected on PV Modules tab (cut-off drop down form field) - therefore cannot progress designs Inverter drop down in Configuration tab - form fields too tight horizontally so no spacing/tight Does not look a great version upgrade currently.
  3. Martin Sorry have looked and can't see it! Only reference is shown below but 0kWh/yr as no FIT tariff as client wants to model without. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Martin I don't get that option in mine (Grid Connected with Electrical Appliances option)@
  5. I have just noticed that when I change the panel degradation the summary shown in the report for PV Generator Energy (AC Grid) does not change - thus, this shows in an ideal world with no panel degradation what the first year would be (100%). If I start with 97% in year one this does not reduce? Is there a way of showing the average over 20 years? Also, how do I get the graph of the panel degradation shown in the Results tab included in report? Or do I need to copy and paste into another document? Thanks
  6. Hi Does the PV output shown in the report show a year by year loss to account for panel degradation? The figure shown in the report I am assuming is Year 1 and not an average?
  7. When click on EXE file in C drive:
  8. All projects. Even if just click photo plan from new project - it does nothing? Using 2018 R7.
  9. I cannot get photo plan option to work. Click button and does nothing. Any ideas?
  10. Why does the map section not always work. I have to zoom out for the whole of the world then manually zoom back in finding address rather than taking postcode.
  11. Hi I have some projects we are looking at importing drone photos. Have read help and PDf but makes no mention of any file restriction. The OBJ file is 400mb! Ouch - is this too big if so what is the maximum size I get no error messages it just does nothing on import 3D model. Thanks Stuart
  12. ok thanks Martin for quick reply. Will this create a 3D building then?
  13. Hi Is it possible that I can import a CAD drawing in PDF format to trace the roof it is scaled 1:50. Will save me measuring and drawing as the roof is really complicated. Thanks
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