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  1. #thanks works fine on the monitor so have it plugged in now - I also dragged the right hand side window across. I have just checked again and R5 seems to be better - or other Windows updates? Chris has also helped in the UK.
  2. Stuart Patience

    2020 R4

    R4 causing lots of issues with layout: Two Project fields on Project Data Tab, layout also looks clumsy Panel model not able to be selected on PV Modules tab (cut-off drop down form field) - therefore cannot progress designs Inverter drop down in Configuration tab - form fields too tight horizontally so no spacing/tight Does not look a great version upgrade currently.
  3. Martin Sorry have looked and can't see it! Only reference is shown below but 0kWh/yr as no FIT tariff as client wants to model without. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Martin I don't get that option in mine (Grid Connected with Electrical Appliances option)@
  5. I have just noticed that when I change the panel degradation the summary shown in the report for PV Generator Energy (AC Grid) does not change - thus, this shows in an ideal world with no panel degradation what the first year would be (100%). If I start with 97% in year one this does not reduce? Is there a way of showing the average over 20 years? Also, how do I get the graph of the panel degradation shown in the Results tab included in report? Or do I need to copy and paste into another document? Thanks
  6. Hi Does the PV output shown in the report show a year by year loss to account for panel degradation? The figure shown in the report I am assuming is Year 1 and not an average?
  7. When click on EXE file in C drive:
  8. All projects. Even if just click photo plan from new project - it does nothing? Using 2018 R7.
  9. I cannot get photo plan option to work. Click button and does nothing. Any ideas?
  10. Why does the map section not always work. I have to zoom out for the whole of the world then manually zoom back in finding address rather than taking postcode.
  11. Hi I have some projects we are looking at importing drone photos. Have read help and PDf but makes no mention of any file restriction. The OBJ file is 400mb! Ouch - is this too big if so what is the maximum size I get no error messages it just does nothing on import 3D model. Thanks Stuart
  12. ok thanks Martin for quick reply. Will this create a 3D building then?
  13. Hi Is it possible that I can import a CAD drawing in PDF format to trace the roof it is scaled 1:50. Will save me measuring and drawing as the roof is really complicated. Thanks
  14. Thanks Martin for your reply. I am looking for the automatic "3D" that is mapped when "3D Buildings" layer is selected from inside Google Earth Pro. Would make it a doodle then to add panels to complicated buildings.
  15. You need to go into coverable object dropdown and select map - should pull address in from first tab.
  16. Hi Has anyone managed to use 3D imagery from Google EarthPro into suitable conversion for PVSOL 2018 to accept in 3D import? Have played around with a few other free mapping tools but does not model roofs like GoogleEarth Pro. Thanks
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