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Bypass diode configuration included?

Yvar BAM

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Dear PV-sol experts,

I'm currently simulating a solarpark with portrait PV panels. Due to the lack of space, we only have a rather small space between the panels, which causes shading on the next panel in line. Because we don't have panels with a bypass configuration for portrait, this would mean that shading the lowest row of the panel, will activate all bypass diodes and will therefore more of less shut off the panel.

My question is; is this effect taken into account for the simulation or is shading taken as an average decrease in illumination? 

As what I understand you do take it into account, but i really need to be sure, because the continue of the project more or less depends on the simulation.

(and maybe a follow-up question; is there a way in PV-Sol to search for PV-panels with a 'portrait bypass configuration'?)

Kind regards,



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Hello Yvar,

welcome to our forum!

PV*SOL simulates on substring level of the PV modules so that the losses due to active bypass diodes are taken into account.

Each substring will be checked whether there is a shadow in this substring or not. If there is a shadow, the bypass diode is active (curve 2 & curve 3), otherwise not. PV*SOL assumes from this that the shaded substring are never completely in shadow, but that there is always diffused radiation on the shaded parts (curve 2).  There is therefore a I-V-curve with lower current for these cells as well. If the resultant MPP phase current is less than the short circuit current for the shaded cells, the bypass diode is not active and the complete module works with low current and high voltages. We therefore take these effects into account by working with yellow phase curve 2 when calculating the complete generator characteristic curve.

I-V-curve (pretty old one, but it represents thematic well enough)



Kind regards,


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To your second question: Is there a way in PV-Sol to search for PV-panels with a 'portrait bypass configuration?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to search directly in PV*SOL to check whether there are landscape or portrait bypass configurations. But you can check a specific PV module in the database. On the page "Electrical Data" you will find the information you need.



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