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Probability Distribution P50 And P90


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Hello PV-sol,

For a new project a have to acquire values for p50 and p90.

I've found this already:

If I understand correctly, there should be a way to access a  "Bankability: Exceedance probability of forecast yield" dialog from the financial analysis page.

However on the financial analysis-page of my PV-sol 2018 PRO(screenshot attached) I see no way to enter the bankability dialog box.

I am missing something? Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.

Greetings, Ralph van Leeuwen


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Hi Ralph,

the P90 option is only available for project with full grid feed in. In your project you have a system with electrical appliances, the full grid feed in is only available when you don't use consumers.

The background is that a P90 analyses can't be calculated because some of your PV energy will be directly used by the appliances. The ratio of the own consumption is a result of the time series based simulation, and that means that we would have to manipulate the input of the PV system simulation (the irradiance data) to be in accordance with the annual value of P90. And this is impossible, unfortunately.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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