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Inverter Selection For Combined Module Areas


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I'm have problem when I combine two module areas.

Inverter selection no longer works, no suitable inverter configurations could be found

And if I manually try to configure system there is no option to add a second inverter?


No option to add second inverter




Automatic selection fails with this message



Any suggestions or help with this?

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Dear Airel,


If you combine two module areas in the inverter selection window then the software only show inverters with two MPP trackers. You have to configure the module areas to seperate MPP trackers.


From your pictures it seems that you have two module areas with the same orientation and tilt. So. you could group the module areas before you configure them.


This is described in the following topic:




Your Technical Support

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Support Team, thanks for your quick response.

The real cause of my inverter not appear is that their configuration was different phases of the system, corrected.


The real problem I have is that my inverter is 12 entries DC, I planned 7 parallel series of 16 modules in series per entry, so I grouped the modules in the 2 areas of modules, but the program creates 84 series of 16 modules in series and I find no way to configure the parallel connections. Judging by the color code, it will apparently accommodating each series of 16 at an input, so that the row i + 12n is assigned to the input i.

That I like is that rows 1-7 will be connected to input 1. 8 to 14 to the second, and so on.
Is this possible? Can you help me?


By the way, how can I pan, zoom or rotate the image in the graphic view?

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I tried to do something similar but could not find a way.

I have 3 different roof with 3 modules formation with different orientation (1 with 20 modules and 2 with 35 modules).


I want to use 1 inverter (SMA STP 25000 to be exact) as I would do in real life but I can't do it on PVSOL Premium.


When I want to regroup formations, it don't work.



and when I combine 2 formations in the inverter selection window, I can't fin an inverter that match the config.



What should I do ?

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