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Export to Word without version of inverter

Michal Kučera

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Hi Michal Kučera,

at the moment there is no setting to prevent the version of a product getting into a document. I put your request in our backlog.

On 7/24/2022 at 11:56 AM, Michal Kučera said:

And for more possibility, can i have option for better settings of forms? Include Header & Footer.

Not in the settings in PV*SOL. You could change the settings in the final document though.

Kind regards,

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In the company where we use your program, we have more and more comments about your software, including errors, the impossibility of modifications. Poorly functioning import of 3D models from other programs. Are you planning to move this program forward in some way. When reading this discussion, I only come across "at the moment there is no setting". Is there any plan or ASAP so we have an idea of what you intend to do in the near future?
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Hi Michal,

thanks for your feedback. I can understand that it can be frustrating if some aspects of the software do not work as expected or if feature xyz is missing completely. And then, if you and other users report something, the only thing we can say is that "right now it is not implemented or not working, but we put it on our list/our backlog". But this is actually the truth. Our plans of developing the software go far beyond autumn of next year already. In this (flexible) plan there are literally more than 2000 feature or modification requests that are not accounted for. So, our list is really, really long, and there are hundreds of users that have ideas how to develop PV*SOL further. We really appreciate that feedback from our users, as it shows us that our software is useful and relevant. When it comes to the feature planning, of course we have to prioritize. Usually we only consider 2 to 3% of our feature request list to be worked on next. Usually we do not publish our plans to the customers, however, as in software development there is always a risk that feature xy will not be ready until the deadline. Also, sometimes it can happen that we have to change the plans due to HR reasons or market development.

We release updates very regularly, as you can see from the release notes. https://valentin-software.com/en/products/pvsol-premium/

We hope these insights will help you to understand our way of handling of feature requests.

Kind regards,


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