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Analyse Output Current (AC)


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Hi Frido,

There is a way but you'll have to do the conversion yourself. For some reason Valentin gives you all the data except this (which shouldn't be hard to add to a future update since all the data is there).


If you go to the simulation tab and export the simulation results to excel (bottom left) you'll get all the values that PV*SOL has used for the simulation. Depending on what you've chosen to simulate there will be a different number of columns but the relevant one should be near the end to the right it should be called something like "Inverter 1 xxxx: Feed-in energy".

So now you have your hourly or minute values (depending on the simulation) in kWh. Convert that to kW. Use Ohms Law (P=U*I) to get the value of I since you know both P (kW) and U (voltage in the grid). Remember to account for the number of phases that you have.




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Hey Frido,

I just realized that there's a better function for this than exporting all of the data under the simulation tab. I usually don't use it myself as I only do hourly simulations and my files rarely get larger than 5MB (in the rare cases where I even get the data).


Anyway, the way to get specific data is hidden (I don't think it's in any tutorial or in the help pages) in the results tab.

Under "Simulation" there's the "Diagram editor". You'll want the type to be diagram to be interval and the select the data series that you want. Set the interval to 365 (or just scroll out when hovering over the diagram) and choose "day".

When you see all the data for the whole year in the diagram, right click on the diagram and choose "copy table to clipboard". Paste inte Excel.

And I just realized that PV*SOL has the current data I-V curve if you change the diagram type to "characteristics" instead. You are however not able to use that data since you can only look at the I-V curve for a single minute (or hour is that is simulated) at a time. Copying that data to clippboard doesn't give any meaningful data.

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