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Presentation cannot be created


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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with creating a presentation. After generating the simulation, the presentation tab is empty (Sungrow inverter, 110CX). In the same project, only with a different inverter (Huawei 60KTL) the presentation is normally generated. What could be the problem?

Program version: PVSol Premium 2020 R8

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Hi iwanycka,

thank you for your project file. As it is a rather large project (6000+ modules on 17 inverters with 9 MPP trackers each), I guess that the computer runs into memory problems. Try to close PV*SOL premium, and then open this file:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2020\PVSOL.ini

Find the line that starts with

<Results SaveHourlySimulationResults="False" SaveOneMinuteSimulationResults="False" SaveIVCurves="False" CalculateYieldLossDueToShading="True" MaxNumberOfInvertersForResults="20" ...

normally around the middle of the file. Then change the attribute





Then start PV*SOL again and run the simulation of your project. The changed setting will tell PV*SOL not to record each individual result of each inverter for the energy balance, and that saves a lot of memory.

Since you are not the only customer experiencing these kinds of problems, we will address this issue in the upcoming release (2020 R9) where we will introduce another attribute called "MaxNumberOfMppsForResults". There are a number of inverters with a lot of MPP trackers now, so we will have to track the total number of those as well in order to avoid memory problems.

Kind regards,


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