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zero injection in case of unbalanced 3 phase loads


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Hallo Valentin Team,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer !!

Apparently, zero grid injection systems are performing pretty bad, especially in case of unbalanced loads. We have a system performing worse than what we expected from simulations. Our theory is that this could be becasue of unbalanced load distribution on the phases where one of the phases has very low consumption which is consequently limiting the generation as the inverter has balanced output on all its phases

I simulated with curtailment at feed-in point but this did not help us in preparing for what's about to come. Is there any way to make our simulations reflect such scenarios in the future?

Of course, we did not use the customer's actual consumption profile in the simulations. Do you think that would have made the difference?

Please see the gap between consumption and generation values in the attached pic. There is always a huge buffer between consumption and generation to ensure zero grid feed-in :(

Grüße, Vishnu


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Hi Vishnu,

thank you for your question! Could you describe a little more in detail how the system is set up, what you expected from simulation, and what came out in reality?

When I understand the chart from SolarEdge right, it says that 181.66 kWh were generated by the PV system, and there was a consumption of 489.42 kWh. Nearly all of the produced PV energy (181.58 kWh) was self consumed, and the rest (307.84 kWh) had to be imported. Is that correct? I guess I am lacking information on where exactly the problem is, I am sorry.

Kind regards,


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