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Modules for AEConversion AE INV315-50 micro inverter


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Hallo Team,

Hope you people are safe and doing good. I guess you people are based out of Berlin, aren't you? Berlin is still safe (I'm in Berlin too)

I haven't checked the forum for sometime now. Apparently a lot happened ever since ?

We added AEConversion AE INV315-50 to PVSol manually and the datasheet says recommended modules 290-340W

Of course 340Wp modules hardly generates 340W in actual conditions and therefore the max output current from module (10,16A) is hard to achieve

The allowed max input current to inverter is 9,5A.

So when we tried to use 340Wp module along with this mikro-WR, PVSol doesn't allow it. Here comes multiple questions

1. How can one decide whether or not one can use 340Wp module for this WR. Because if the WR is damaged, the Garantie can't be claimed. So the desinger needs to know if the max power of module can ever be achieved given the inclination and orientation of the module (which of course changes with project)

2. Generally we know that there is power clipping when module is generation more than rated input WR power. So does this clipping also limits the input current? 


Sorry if i am asking funny questions. 

Thank you!!

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Dear Vishnu,

please do not apologize for aksing these questions. You can be sure that if you have the question there will surely be others that have the question as well.

1) Unless the manufacturer explicitly forbids the usage of modules with higher power, you don't risk the loss of warranty (but I am not a lawyer) or damage of the micro inverter. As you said, in usual conditions a 340 Wp module is not delivering 340 W. What you risk if you connect a module with higher power, current or voltage to an inverter is the clipping. The inverter just cuts anything that is over these threshold values, and you lose a bit energy. How much you lose can be verified in the results section, under "Energy balance".

2) Yes, clipping occurs for current, voltage (min and max) and power limitations.

And yes, you are right, most of the employees of Valentin are Berlin based. Thank you for your wishes, same to you!

Kind regards,


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Dear Martin,

Thank you for your reply. 

I have checked with the WR manufacturer regarding the usage of high power modules. I was told that the inverter clips any current and power over the rated values and the input voltage should not exceed the rated-voltage (attached the screenshot)

I have checked Uoc of Qcells 340/345 Wp modules (40,24/40,49 Volt). So I understood that these can be used with this WR which has rated input voltage 42V

but PVSol throws an error as Impp of the modules is more than rated current of WR (9,52A)

Could you please suggest what can be done to use 340/345Wp modules with this inverter? Is it a good idea to change the rated the input current of WR (we added the WR manually).

Thank you for your inputs

- Vishnu


microwr (1).JPG

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