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Battery charging using energy from grid


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Dear PV Sol Team,

I found it interesting to see that in a grid connected PV System+Battery, there is consumption from grid to charge the battery. Why should battery draw energy from grid if there is no enough PV generation to completely charge it? Can't the system be designed to partially load the battery using only PV generation as in off-grid systems?

also, is there a way to access the battery charge and discharge profile? The customer is very much interested in demand side management to make the best of the PV system. And i am sure this also helps in chosing the best suitable battery capacity, don't you think so?




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Hi Vishnu,

the battery charge from the grid occurs when the battery management (charging strategy) requires a full or equalization charge in situations where the PV can't provide sufficient energy.

Here you find more info on that topic:


You can set the duration of these charging modes to 0 to disable them (in the 2nd example the equalization mode is disabled):


Hope that helps, kind regards,


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Dear Martin,

Thank you for the assistance. The PV Sol Help pages gave me a better understanding of charge profiles. I am also assessing how Battery cycle and calendar life is impacted when consumption profile is adjusted to keep SOC at different levels. Fingers crossed.

I would like to if there are compatibility issues between PV Sol and SolarEdge system. z.B., if you observe the attachment from SolarEdge Designer for a 9,45 kWp system,  with LG Chem 7H(6,6 kWh; 3,3 kW) + SE 4000H and SE 3000H inverter, the PV system is divided between these two inverters. However, if I opt for a 3 phase inverter, I need to make an AC coupling between 3 phase inverter and Battery inverter. I know, it is a bit odd from SolarEdge 

I tried to simulate a similar design in PV Sol (as mentioned, dividing the PV system between 2 inverters) but i see no such possibility. Am i missing something or is it just not possible in PV Sol

Berliner Immobilienmanagement.pdf

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