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Doubt about grid feed-in


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Hello, because in simulations the value of the "grid feed-in" is lower than what I indicate in "PV energy during observation period", since they are annual value.

grid feed-in: 1670kwh.
PV energy during observation period in first year: 1645kwh.

Also, where can I find the theoretical (lossless) annual energy value (kwh)?


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On 8/16/2019 at 5:42 AM, developer_mh said:

Hi UserPV,

could you provide an example project file so that we can take a look at it?

Thanks a lot, kind regards,


You can use as an example an example of PVSOL, such as plant P90 in germany. The Grid feed-in is 20,062,175 kWh/year, while in "PV energy during observation period" is 18,926,713 kWh / year for the first year.  I did not understand why the difference for more energy injected into the power grid.

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Hi UserPV,

in the case of the example project "Solar Park Neuhardenberg incl P90", we have module degradation as well as P50/P90 analysis. See these topics for more information:




These two factors effect the amount of energy that is fed into the grid in the first year. If you set the P50/P90 bankability to 50 and the module degradation to 100% (no degradation), then hese two numbers are equal:


You can play around with the factors to see how they influence the results.

Kind regards and good luck,


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