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source data for cash flow values


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Hey Dev Team,

The simulation report and hourly simulation values excel from the simulation shows values for energy generation  from the system only for 1st year. We know that there is degradation in system with time so generation gradually decreases and yes, this is reflected in savings and FIT values in cash flow.

I would like to know if there is a way to access the energy generation values for all 20 years. This could be useful to me as I am developing a leasing model (Pacht-modell)

Thank you

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Hello Vishnu,

No, you can only access the data for the first year. But the most important data for the cash flow are the monthly data for the first year. The energy production of the other years depends only on the first year and on the degradation of the PV modules. For the sake of clarity, the annual value is then output in PV*SOL.

Ergo, you would need the monthly data including the degradtion to do some calculation yourself. I did a little example in excel to get these monthly data. My total energy generation was 3539 kWh in the first year. My degration of the pv modules was linear and 50 % after 20 year. That means -0.21% per month.

The monthly data I have extracted out of the detailled simulation results. With these litte excel sheet I was able to calculate the energy generation for each month.



The annual values can also be found in PV*SOL under "Results" and then "Simulation".

Grid Feed-in 3.538 kWh/year
Grid Feed-in in the first year (incl. module degradation) 3.492 kWh/year


I hope that helps,



data.csv example.xlsx

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Good morning Marcel,

Greetings from Berlin !!!

This is good work and i appreciate your efforts to help me solve the issue. 

So far, I followed the same approach as you did, considering the degradation of the modules and thereby decreasing the generated energy, to rope in values for my cash flow.

However, the degradation we considered is for each module. If I am not wrong, the rate of degradation of the system as a whole, is and will not be the same as degradation of individual module. There are several factors which made me believe so. For example, the inverter's efficiency degradation is much slower than that of solar module. I observed significant changes in the cash flow when i started playing with the degradation, especially in case of bigger systems.

Please correct me if i am wrong. 

have a good weekend!!

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