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Load shedding


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I can't run any case of a offgrid design without applying load shedd, even tho i did the calculations so i can have some error in the generated energy to feed my load. But the software says that it won't run the simulation because the installation won't fulfill all the energy required by the load.

Is there any menu where i can disable this function or lower the range of dependance from the pv system?


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Hello Alexclavijon,

to answer your questions first, there is no way to disable the desired program functions.

In general, you should be able to simulate a project without load shredding. The simulation is aborted if the power provided by the PV system and the battery is not enough to meet the needs of the connected load.

Without seeing the project, it's also hard to tell what the exact problem is. I would guess you have a load peak that cannot be covered by the PV system and the battery.

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