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  1. I'm asked to show a graph (like the one in the results section) where i can see the energy graph yearly till the end of the solar panels lifetime, but i cannot see an option where i can add this graph into the report generated by the software. Is this thing possible?
  2. When i start a new project i cannot pass the 3D design phase, as soon as i open the window it pops up a error saying "Fehler beim Zeichnen des Prims" and after pressing ok it closes. How can i fix this error?
  3. what if i don't have the text <MainPagerWider>-1</MainPagerWider>, or maybe i am opening the wrong file? Thanks for answering.
  4. I can't run any case of a offgrid design without applying load shedd, even tho i did the calculations so i can have some error in the generated energy to feed my load. But the software says that it won't run the simulation because the installation won't fulfill all the energy required by the load. Is there any menu where i can disable this function or lower the range of dependance from the pv system? Thanks.
  5. I want to create an offgrid photovoltaic plant but i have 2 main errors: - My load is constant every day and every hour, when i import a load profile as a constant load it will shape the profile and my load won't be constant anymore, it will vary every month. How can i create a constant load profile so i have the same energy conpsumed every month? - The second problem is that i have my own battery inverter for my project, but when i want to select it will only show me Sunny Island inverters, how can i see every inverter in the database? create the inverter in the program is not a solution because i don't know all the detailed data that PVSOL ask to create a new entry. Thanks for answer.
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