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Troubles creating an offgrid design


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I want to create an offgrid photovoltaic plant but i have 2 main errors:

- My load is constant every day and every hour, when i import a load profile as a constant load it will shape the profile and my load won't be constant anymore, it will vary every month. How can i create a constant load profile so i have the same energy conpsumed every month?

- The second problem is that i have my own battery inverter for my project, but when i want  to select it will only show me Sunny Island inverters, how can i see every inverter in the database? create the inverter in the program is not a solution because i don't know all the detailed data that PVSOL ask to create a new entry.

Thanks for answer.

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Hello Alexclavijon,

Regarding your first question, you have to decide which scenario you want. Because a constant load profile and the same energy consumption per month are two different things. For example, if you have a constant daily consumption of 10 kWh, the total consumption for January is 310 kWh (10 kWh * 31 days) and the total consumption for February is 280 kWh (10 kWh * 28 days). To get a monthly constant load profile of e.g. 310 kWh, you would need a daily consumption of 10 kWh for months with 31 Days, and 10.3 kWh for months with 30 days.

Regarding your second question: For off-grid systems, only battery inverters from SMA are currently available. If you want a different battery inverter, you must create it yourself. You should find all the necessary information in the data sheet.

Kind regards,



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