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Importing facade pictures

patrik k

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I have made a 3d model of a building and now i want to change the texture of the building sides to some real pictures of the building.

THere are four sides of the building, but on the building it does not say which side latera surface 1,2,3,4 is.

Woudl it be possible for this number to be visible on the building from the surface perspective so i dont have to guess which side of the building that i am replaceing the surface on?

Or is there a logical explanation on which the laterals numbers sides are? F,e Lateral surface is always the most northern one and so on.



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Hi Martin! I have extruded the building and there is no numbers on the sides. Not even when i choose edit. And not even if i choose change texture, the sides does are not numbered. It is very confusing that you mention "edges" since when you are changing texture the meny is referring to "front side surface" left side surface, back side surface" and so on, it does not referr to edge 1 edge 2, edge 3 and so on.


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Hi Patrik,

you are right, sorry. The edge numbers are only shown for "Arbitrary buildings". If you select "Edit" on a standard building, you don't see the edge numbering. But the scheme is the same, the first polygon segment that you draw defines your lateral surface/wall/side n# 1 of the building. Then you go clockwise to number the other lateral surfaces/walls.

Kind regards,


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