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Shading inconsistency


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I've experienced some problems while trying to estimate the shading impact using 3D models  on rooftops that have a "verge" (I'm not sure about the translation for this term, but I've explained with images, the "verge" is indicated by the red lines in the last image)

The system is on Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, around LAT -30.0277, LON: -51.2287

I'm not sure, but it seems like the shading calculation stops to work correctly if you place the solar panels below the height of the "verge". There are some weird triangular patterns. It's hard to explain, so I've taken some screencaps to demonstrate how the shading changes drastically if you change the distance between the solar panels and the rooftop surface. Also, I've taken some screencaps of the actual shades drawn by the 3D model, and it seems like the shading calculation is overestimated.













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Hi Vicente,

if you use imported 3D models like the one you have, shadings from "verges" (or parapets, or attics or how they are called) can lead to wrong results. A solution would be to remove the verge/parapet/attic from your model, import it afterwards in PV*SOL and then place a verge there. Like so:


Then the shading calculations should be fine.

Hope that helps, kind regards,



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Hi team,

Is this ever going to be fixed? Modelling a complicated roof shape (including a parapet wall) is one reason I import a building rather than building it inside PVSOL.

It is really annoying to do all the work of building and running the model to see 60% shading and have to start again.




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