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Climate data update


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Hi PVSol team.


I have 2 issues I need your help with. I will put them on seperate posts to keep things simple. Starting with the easy one -


Can you explain why we have this problem again? There is nothing obvious in the release notes to explain.


It isn't a major problem as the yield hasn't change on any projects I have re-run. It is annoying however to have to re-enter the location and the specific cable details especially on projects with lots of inverters.








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Hi James,

yes, we had this problem again with the climate data. And before I begin, I'd like to repeat our apology for the inconvenience caused.

It is difficult to explain why this happened without explaining in detail our code structure, employee situation and testing environment. But you as a user have a right to know, so I'll try it.

As you know we already had this bug one year ago in our 2018 version. That time we already developed a new version of PV*SOL (2019 R1) where we refactored (restructured, redesigned) a lot of code. When software grows over time, developers have to do this regularly in order to keep the code base manageable and extensible. As a consequence we had two versions (we speak of repositories, with several branches each) of the code base, the old one (2018 line) and the new one (2019 line).  

The bug we had with the Meteonorm data was fixed in the 2018 branch, but the employee who introduced and fixed the bug in the 2018 repository forgot to fix it in the 2019 repository as well. Before we published this new version he left our company (a bit spontaneously) and although we had a lot of handover meetings before he left, we oversaw this one line in the installation script that fetched the old MN data into our installation.

There is a lot more to it but I won't go into details. All I can say is that we are really sorry that this happened again and we are aware of the message boxes are annoying our users once more.

Thanks and kind regards,


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