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Inverter and battery design

Anders Lundberg

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I am working on an off-grid design for a poultry farm with a yearly electricity consumption of 1,5 MWh.

Now I have run into to design limits of ratio of PV power to battery inverter power and multi cluster box limits. See attached screen dump.

I have tried to find help on-line but without success. What shall I look for? and Is this problem due to design limits in the PV Sol program?

Previously I have asked for the ability to add Redox flow and saltwater batteries to the database, but that is still not possible. When will that be?  

Skærmbillede (328).png

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Hi Anders,

there you touched the limitations of the offgrid components by SMA, that is correct. The MultiCluster Box is only suitable for PV systems of up to 360 kW. The requirement that the PV power must not be higher than twice the battery inverter power also comes from the SMA design rules. If you want to design such a big system, I would recommend to plan it in smaller parts:

You have a PV power of 1714 kWp and a load of 1.62 MWh, that is set I guess. I would suggest to divide your plant in 5 sub-plants, with 342.8 kWp each, and enter a 5th of the consumption, i.e. 324 120 kWh. With these dimensions you won't run into limitations.

Regarding the redox flow and saltwater batteries: Yes, we have it on our list, but we have not decided about the prioritization yet.

Hope that helps, kind regards,



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