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  1. I am working on an off-grid design for a poultry farm with a yearly electricity consumption of 1,5 MWh. Now I have run into to design limits of ratio of PV power to battery inverter power and multi cluster box limits. See attached screen dump. I have tried to find help on-line but without success. What shall I look for? and Is this problem due to design limits in the PV Sol program? Previously I have asked for the ability to add Redox flow and saltwater batteries to the database, but that is still not possible. When will that be?
  2. Hello Martin, I have received product data from Blusky Energy, which by the way is a saltwater battery and not a flow battery. The following is the battery data: Cell Voltage = 1,5V No of Cells in serial = 32 Internal resistance = approx. 350mOhm Self-Discharge = 3% DOD @ 80% = 5500 Discharge Table: 10 hours = approx. 53,1Ah (discharge current = ~5A) 5 hours = approx. 46,6Ah (discharge current = ~9,2A) 1 hours and less not possible (to high discharge current, max. = 20A) 1. Is it ok to use the Vented Type for both saltwater and Redox flow batteries? Anders
  3. As a double check I run my own Excel calculation and when comparing that to the PV Sol calculation I find a difference which I hope you can explain. Please look at the attached file; Financial Analysis; First year saving. SEK 5.233,68 Then look at the cash flow Table year 1; Electricity saving. SEK 5.131,06 Should´t these two figures be the same? I have 0 in all inflation rates to eliminate that as an explanation. Next Total Payment from Utility in First year is SEK 6.037,03 I would expect that to be equivalent to Feed-in / Export Tariff in the Cashflow table or ? Regards, Anders Stamnared 110_2018-10-22_V02.pvprj
  4. When will it be possible to create flow batteries in the database. The saltwater flow battery from BlueSky Energy in Austria has been on the market for a while and soon VisBlue in Denmark is also ready with a domestic product. Kind regards, Anders product-datasheet-visblue-redox-flow-battery-system-final.pdf
  5. Hi Martin, Thank you for your answer and i will look into how I do a screen video to demonstrate the problem, In the meantime. How do I sent by private messages? Best, Anders
  6. Hi again, And now I experience next problem. As I am new to this system I offend need to click on the ? to get help. However, if I for some reason close the help window by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The ? in the program does not start the help section. Then I have to close down the program and start it up again. I am feeling that I am wasting my time with such simple problems. Best, Anders
  7. Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply and now when I have got the license it is only the second problem which courses problem. And yes, it is reproducible. When I come to System Planing with 3D visualization click edit and under "New 3D system Map" begin by choosing the option "Microsoft Bing Maps", which by the way is very bad compared to Google Map, and later on in the project want to delete it, because I now have received a better picture which I would like to load from hard drive selection, the the program crashes and I get the fault message. From then on the project file is damage so even if I close the program and start again. The fault message come again I the only thing I can do is to delete the project file and start over again. Best, Anders
  8. I have been running the premium version in test version for a week now, and yes I am considering buying the license despite experiencing instability with the 3D module. The program is installed on a new ThinkPad machine with Win10 and first problem is that the program do not start correctly. Clicking on the APP the program execute by asking me to if I want to buy, Registry or start the program. Clicking start I am returned to the win 10 app screen and I have to click on the app again. Ok, I can live with that for the time being but what is more problematic is that the program crashes if I decide not to use the 3D design but later return to the 3D design. When I click on the edit bottom for system planing for 3D visualization a pop-up show up saying that an error occurred in the application. I can now chose to continue, restart or close but what ever I chose the program will not allow me to edit again. I the project file is done and I have to start a new project. Any one knowing what is wrong?
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