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Consumption: How to change Load Peak


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Hi Radim,

thanks for your question.

There are various options. One would be to export the existing load profile via the diagram editor, edit it in Excel and then import it again via the load profile import.

Therefor please load a profile that comes close to your use case change the annual or monthly energy requirement to the value of your use case.


Plan the PV system to the extent that you can simulate it and initiate this by clicking on 'Results'. Go to 'Diagram Editor' and select the checkbox for consumption via 'Select data series'. Deselect all other data sources.


Right-click on the diagram to copy the table behind the diagram to the clipboard. You can now paste and adjust the table e. g. in Excel so that the load peaks for a weekday and the weekend correspond to those of your project. Then save the table in CSV format. You can now import the modified load profile back into PV*SOL using the instructions in our online help. Of course, if your energy supplier offers it, you can also request a load profile from them and import it into PV*SOL according to this instruction. That would avoid the entire manual preparation.

Another way would be to take an existing load profile in PV*SOL for a comparable consumption behavior and enter the existing values there.

For example, if it is an office building, create a copy of the load profile 'Office building 16000 m²' and enter the known 'annual energy demand' there. If the load distribution also needs to be changed during the day, this can be done in hourly resolution.


I hope this helps. You are also welcome to call our customer support team, who will be happy to assist you.

Kind regards


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PV*SOL needs a file containing the value only; think of it as a .csv file with one column only.

When importing the file, you have to set the correct time interval, number of days; 31 in your case and give the correct unit. That's it!


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

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