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  1. New feed-in tariff for France The new feed-in tariff in France offers us a new salary bracket. From 100 Kwc to 500 Kwc, the price and a level the remuneration in Kwh / Kwc and up to 1100 Kwh at 0.098 centimes then from 1100 to plus 0.04 centimes example a solar power plant producing 1450 Kwh / Kwp will be renumbered 1100 Kwh at 0.098 then 350 Kwh / kwp at 0.04 Question I can not create the price on PV Sol can you help me. Patrice.
  2. Hello, In France it is possible to sell its electricity as a producer and also possible for self-consumption with resale of surplus. My question would be you it possible to create a solar power plant of 100 Kwp composed of 36 Kwc in self-consumption plus resale of surplus and at the same time a solar power plant in total sale of 64 Kwp, on the same project. A project like this one would have two distinct prices, self-consumption plus resale of surplus at 10 cents, and a second total sale price at 0.0976 euro per Watt Thank you for your answers Patrice
  3. Hello, I'm relaunching the subject on virtual drums, no response from you and no addition in PVsol since October 2020 Question have you planned in the next new update on this issue. Thank you
  4. Hello, Dual sun solar panels are not in the list of brands of modules, and do they plan to add them on your side?
  5. Hello Thank you for your reply but I do not have this tab with the solar panel on my PVSOL software I cannot activate this tab on my program
  6. Hello, I can't use the photo plan software, it doesn't want to install or start it, Thank you
  7. Hello, For the most famous solar carport in France and https://fr.irfts.com/irfts-shadow-solar/ For the most famous virtual battery providers in France are https://www.urbansolarenergy.fr/stockage-virtuel/ https://www.mylight-systems.com/mysmartbattery/
  8. Hello, I have two questions The first did you plan to add the Solar Carport as a family in the databases Second question have you planned to add virtual storage of example types https://www.urbansolarenergy.fr/stockage-virtuel/ https://www.mylight-systems.com/mysmartbattery/ as a family in the databases
  9. Hello, Need help to understand the difference in cash flow and the good functioning between the net metering tariff and the resale tariff of the electricity surplus Example same studies Net metering rate Electricity resale price Why such a difference in cash flow between the two tariffs
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