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ESS LG+DC generator coupling


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Dear support,

i have pv system with the following setting(see below)


i wanted to use ESS(LG Electronics Energy Storage System ESS 1.0VI 6.4 kWh,its DC generator coupling type .

so i would need 3 ESS systems (inverter+battery) , the thing is that i get notice like this(on the battery setting page) :


Why is that?,its not logical that i can use only one ESS system for the roof(6.4 kwp) what with the rest panel configuration:))? and how should i fix it ?

Thank you very much! 

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Hi Tim,

the problem here is that PV*SOL internally handles the 3 inverters as one unit (actually in your case it should handle them as two units, since 50 modules are not distrubutable evenly on 3 inverters). If you want to connect a DC coupled battery system to a "2 x Inverter xyz" configuration, PV*SOL doesn't know to which of those 2 inverters it should attach the battery system to. That's why the warning 'In case of DC-coupled battery systems, only one inverter should be used in the first configuration' appears.

To avoid that, make sure that the first inverter configuration appears only once in your system, like so:


But even with this setup you won't be able to connect 3 battery systems with DC coupling to 3 PV inverters. At the moment you can only connect one or more battery systems to one PV inverter.

But in general you are right, it should be possible to connect 3 battery systems to 3 PV inverters in the way you described. We will add that to our list of features, thanks for the input.

Kind regards,


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