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Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


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I got the following error and do not know what it means nor how to solve it:




I was working on a project and saved it successfully, then went on to create more buildings in the 3D Design area. When I did, PV SOL asked whether it was OK to delete the shading simulation, which I accepted. I then tried to exit the 3D Design and was prompted to simulate shading, which I declined, as I was not done yet (I had already configured some modules with their inverters).


And then when I tried to save my project that error popped up. Am I doing something wrong? I had previously created other buildings and it was not a problem.


Thanks for your support.


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So, just for the record, and in case that other users have a similar problem:

In PV*SOL premium 2019 R2 there is a bug that can occur when you have the following setup:

  • you edit a 3D project were shadows have already been calculated
  • You add more objects in 3D so that the shading calculations are deleted
  • Then you leave 3D, adopt the data to PV*SOL, but you don't recalculate the shadows
  • When you then try to save the file, an error might occur, depending on the inverter configuration you have

We will fix this bug in the next release. For now you can save the projects when you calculate the shadows again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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Dear Martin,

I have another bug in the R2 version; It is not possible to select single modules in the mounted version. You can only select entire rows so it is not possible to just use 10 of the 100 modules to connect to a inverter.


Is the new release coming soon? I really need this function...

(for now, is it possible to download the older version of the program?)

Kind regards



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