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Climate data and Configuration data lost during upgrades

Marius Fourie

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Hi Marius Fourie

47 minutes ago, Marius Fourie said:

Why does Valentine do that?

Valentin Software usually does not delete anything without user interaction. For main versions (2021,2022,2023) there are separate folders for settings, which can be copied if you do like to. The version folders exist in the following path: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2023

Climate data should be located at C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\MeteoSyn

Could you elaborate?

47 minutes ago, Marius Fourie said:

Every time when Valentine publishes a upgrade my home location changes to Germany

In MeteoSyn the project location is used. This location is stored in the project file and - if not already contained within the database - is automatically copied into the database when the project is opened.

47 minutes ago, Marius Fourie said:

I loose all the climate data locations I have created

PV*SOL never deletes your climate data by itself.
When not finding your locations there could be two reasons why:

  1. Your locations have anomalies
    There is a checkup tool which checks your climate data for integrity and quality and if necessary removes the file reference from the database if there are serious problems with the file and moves it to a quarantine where you can decide if you want to import the file again or delete it permanently. For each file in quarantine there is a log, which gives information about why a file was quarantined. Additionally there is a report in the MeteoSyn folder for each checkup run, which summarizes all events.
  2. Locations are outdated
    There are some climate sites which do not show any problems, but still are not automatically imported into the MeteoSyn database during a checkup, because they are outdated (e.g. Meteonorm 7.3). You can import them automatically at any time without problems. In 2023R7, select MeteoSyn > Options > Checkup and set mode to All for phase 4. You can skip the previous phases if you do want to.
    Of course you can also import locations manually via MeteoSyn > Options

Kind regards

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Personally I noticed too the standard weather location goes to Berlin/germany with every update, however i never recall loosing weather data (and/or module data).

offtopic:  I also noticed with 1 day remaining on a trial version that with a pvsol version update it resets back to 30 days! Its not a bug, its a feature!


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