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Round buildings

Dennis Indutecc

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Hi Dennis,

another good question :) Unfortunately, you can't draw modules on parapet walls, since these are regarded as obstacles. What you would have to do is to either model this biulding in another 3D software, e.g. sketchup, that offers more modelling options, and import that model afterwards. Or you extrude the segments of the building one after another. Personally I would recommend the first option, but if you'd like to do it in PV*SOL, here is what you would have to do:

  • Sketch a 3D polygon of one half of the outer raised ring (the former parapet) and extrude it to its final height, i.e. 2m above the height of the inner area
  • Go back to the map section and extrude the other half of the ring
  • image.png
  • The go back to the map and extrude the center ring, but with less height.

Like this, you'll get a building where you can place modules in the inner area as well as on the outer wall. I just did it quickly to demonstrate that it is possible, I am sure you can get better results:


Hope that helps, kind regards,



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The round wall is now drawn and can be used for the panels. Now comes the next question: I want to put the panels around so that the circle is fully utilized, but PV-sol can only put the panels in straight planes and the same angle. How do I make sure the panels follow the curve of the raised roof edge?

See the PV-sol setup below and the requested setup:




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Hi Dennis,

This is a tricky project you have there! Unfortunately you can't rotate the modules directly, you can just rotate buildings with modules on them. So in this case you would have to create small segments of the outer circle, place a module there and then copy and rotate until you get the full circle. Here's a quick sketch:


of course the segments must be more precise.

Does this help? I know it is a bit cumbersome, but at least it is possible :D

Good luck and kind regards,


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