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Inverter configuration multiple roofs


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I have a sawtooth roof which has three usable areas of the same azimuth and slope and are defined as different areas in the software.

Each roof area has a whole number of strings of modules.

I'd like to use a Fronius 27kW with 1MPPT and 5 strings. Some inverters will have strings from different roof areas.

I have selected the three roof areas and selected 'Configure module areas together'. I get an error when I try and select the Fronius 1MPPT inverter 'This manufacturer has no inverter with more than 2 MPP tracker. Choose another manufacturer or polystring wiring'.

What is the solution to allow this design?


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Thanks Martin,

In my example I have 2 module areas; both with the same azimuth and tilt angle (how can you confirm that these are the same in the software)?

When I use the polystring configuration option I'm not able to have more than one inverter configuration?

I would need to have three different inverter configurations for this to work:

inverter a 4units of : 5 strings of 23 modules building 04 (460 panels)

inverter b 1unit of : 2 strings of 23 modules building 04 of (46 panels); 3 strings of 23 modules building 02 (69 panels)

inverter c 5 units of : 5 strings of 23 modules building 02 (575 panels)

Each whole string would be within each roof area. Some strings will be connected to the same MPPT from different roof areas (inverter b)


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Hi James,

you are right, in polystring configurations you can only have one inverter at the moment. If you want to configure your two module areas to three different inverters, you would have to split the module areas in advance.

Just select the first 460 modules of building 04 while in the 'Module Configuration' tab, and then right click and add them to the 'Define Module Areas' dialog. Then select the remaining 46 panels of building 04 and add them two. The same you do with building 02, 69 panels first and then 575 panels. Then go to the 'Define Module Areas' dialog:


When you select the two items in the middle, i.e. the 46 modules from building 04 (building 01 for me) and the 69 modules of building 02, you can click on 'Combine Selection' to get the modules together:


Now you can configure them with thre different inverters, as you desired.

Good luck and kind regards,


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