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  1. Thanks Martin, Another related question: Can you place the inverter on the plan so that when creating a cable plan, the software knows the cable route end-point? Can ladder tray or some path be created so cabling is automatically follows a given path between the panel string end-point and the inverter input? Can i add known vertical distance from the rooftop to the ground which will be included in string cable distance? Can I have a cable path that moves from the current panel roof area to a different roof area? Panels may be installed over several roof areas with all
  2. Thanks Martin, In my example I have 2 module areas; both with the same azimuth and tilt angle (how can you confirm that these are the same in the software)? When I use the polystring configuration option I'm not able to have more than one inverter configuration? I would need to have three different inverter configurations for this to work: inverter a 4units of : 5 strings of 23 modules building 04 (460 panels) inverter b 1unit of : 2 strings of 23 modules building 04 of (46 panels); 3 strings of 23 modules building 02 (69 panels) inverter c 5 units of : 5 strings
  3. I have a sawtooth roof which has three usable areas of the same azimuth and slope and are defined as different areas in the software. Each roof area has a whole number of strings of modules. I'd like to use a Fronius 27kW with 1MPPT and 5 strings. Some inverters will have strings from different roof areas. I have selected the three roof areas and selected 'Configure module areas together'. I get an error when I try and select the Fronius 1MPPT inverter 'This manufacturer has no inverter with more than 2 MPP tracker. Choose another manufacturer or polystring wiring'. What is
  4. Modules are connected into strings in physical rows, rather than connecting to physically closer panels. Some areas of the roof did this correctly, others haven't. I've tried re-creating the inverter assignment and re-creating the modules with the same results. Problem configuration: tmp1. Assignment works sequentially in rows. There are some strings that are spread from the far right to the far left. Desired configuration: tmp2. How do i adjust the problem configuration to have string design similar to the desired configuration?
  5. I'm new to this software; any improvements to my workflow is appreciated; Questions: Can the software find the best array design to provide the greatest savings based on many variables? Some fixed inputs would be the 15minute usage profile, energy tariff rates which applies different rates based on time of day and day of week, number and type of module, and roof areas that are usable. The variables would be how to distribute the given modules to the available areas to account for their load profile, value of energy offset at different times, energy yield of the module (including sha
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