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Configuration of two roof areas with 2 inverters multiple MPPT's


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I am trying to configure 2 roof areas together using 2 inverters.

Roof area 1 - 13 strings of 18 panels (65kw) East

Roof area 2 - 7 strings of 18 panels (35kw) West

50 kW inverter, 4 x MPPT with three inputs per MPPT

I want to assign 10 x strings of Roof area 1 to Inverter 1 and 3 strings of Roof area 1 + 7 strings of Roof area 2 to inverter 2.

I configure the two roof areas together and then select 2 inverters, but they are not shown separately. It seems that the two inverters are also configured together (if i add 2 x strings to MPPT1, it seems to be added to MPPT2 as well). This is fine if I want to assign even number of strings per inverter, but in this case it is not possible.

There does not seem to be a way to show the inverters separately (as what is possible if it is a single roof area).

Is this possible at all - it is a real world problem?


Thank you

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Hi Marius,

you are right, when configuring tow module areas together you cannot see the inverters separately. In your case you would have to split your eastern module area in two smaller units (10 x 18 modules and 3 x 18 modules), so that you can connect a part of the eastern module area to inverter 1 and the other parts to inverter 2, together with the western module area.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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