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  1. Hi I am trying to configure 2 roof areas together using 2 inverters. Roof area 1 - 13 strings of 18 panels (65kw) East Roof area 2 - 7 strings of 18 panels (35kw) West 50 kW inverter, 4 x MPPT with three inputs per MPPT I want to assign 10 x strings of Roof area 1 to Inverter 1 and 3 strings of Roof area 1 + 7 strings of Roof area 2 to inverter 2. I configure the two roof areas together and then select 2 inverters, but they are not shown separately. It seems that the two inverters are also configured together (if i add 2 x strings to MPPT1, it seems to be added to MPPT2 as well). This is fine if I want to assign even number of strings per inverter, but in this case it is not possible. There does not seem to be a way to show the inverters separately (as what is possible if it is a single roof area). Is this possible at all - it is a real world problem? Thank you
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