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Bifacial Modules


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I want to simulate an installation with bifacial modules from Solarworld (Bisun Protect 290).

But when I get the results, I don't have a better production than with a standard module (it is even lesser).

Do the software include the bifacial production ?

How can I add it articially (if it doesn't count it) ? Maybe in the caracteristics of the modules ?


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Hello, Julienmen,

Bifacial modules cannot currently be simulated directly. We are aware of and working on this necessary function, but I do not know when it will be implemented. Indirectly, bifacial modules can be simulated like normal modules, which have a higher electrical characteristic than the non-bifacial variant. For this purpose Solarworld provides various module versions on its homepage (https://www.solarworld.de/fileadmin/swi_downloads/produkte/sunmodule/datenblaetter/de/swi_db_sunmodule_bisun_protect_290_en.pdf).

The different module versions of the "Sunmodule Bisun protect 290" module contain different values for "Energy boost": 0%, 6%, 10%, 20% and 25%. This means that a higher "Energy boost" version of the module is used for a higher reflected irradiance on the rear of the module.

We have already implemented different versions for the Bisun 270 and 280. Simply open the attached project and the modules are in your database, then simply select the appropriate module with the corresponding "Energy boost" from the database. To use a variant of the Bisun 290, simply create a new pv module in the database and transfer the corresponding electrical parameters from the data sheet.

Which variant or which "Energy Boost" you need I unfortunately cannot estimate and the corresponding selection is up to you.

I hope this helps,





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