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Cabling and east/west tilt


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I know that the cabling option is not available for mounted modules. When I have a monted surface u just use the calculations as if the modules where on a roof and add to the cable length. My question is, when I have modules with east/west tilt is it possible to change the strings so that the strings are always connected on the same side, actually eveyr other module row? I could then use the calculation for aproximation of the length. 

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Hi Dajana,

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but yes, when you have east-west systems, you can choose to (and you should) have all your modules facing east in one string and all modules facing west in the other. See this example:


Here, I just connected all modules facing east to one inverter with 2 MPPT, and all modules facing west to another.

Does that answer your question? If not, please don't hesitate to ask again.

Kind regards,


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