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Grid tariff for swedish grid customers

patrik k

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I have tried to set up a grid price for our customers in Sweden but i do not know how to set it up in PV sol.

The price has Three Components.

A fixed price per month 600 SEK/month.

A transfer fee of 0,0643 öre/ kWh of kWh bought from the grid

A "penalty" for the hour on which the highest consumption is made, of  84,6 SEK /kW.

an example, the customer consumes 100 kW every hour of the month, the "penalty is 100x 84,6 SEK = 8460 SEK.

The other month he consumes 100 kW every hour exept one hour that goes up to 200 kW.Then the customer has to pay 200x84,6 SEK for that month in penalty.

I have the customers loadprofile from last year and want to calculate how much of the "penalty" the customer eventually can save with a pv installation.





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Hi Patrik,

sadly you can't do this directly with PV*SOL. The fixed price per month and the transfer fee aren't a problem. Just create a new "From-grid Tariff" in the Database. Your fixed price per month would be the base price and the transer fee the energy price under the tariff period. I have made an example for you (attached image).

Unfortunately, you have to calculate the penalty savings yourself. To do so,  simulate your pv-system and then export the simulation results (on the last page; attached image). In this *.csv-file you can find two columns called "Energy from Grid" and "Consumption". "Consumption" is the old load profile and "Energy from Grid" would be the new load profile. Just extract the maximum values of each month for both columns. Please don't forget, your results are displayed in kWh, so you have to convert the energy consumption into kW.

Kind regards,




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