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Tower Design In 3D Visualization

Mehmet Senol

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I am trying to design a 3D PV system on a flat roof of a building. However, there is a tall BTS tower just next to the building. I have tried to model that lattice tower in 3D visualization but I could not succeed. The best I could do is to replace a solid chimney and change the texture of it. So it looks like a lattice tower. However, I think the PV system performance may change according to the shading from a lattice or solid tower.  


Is it possible to model a lattice tower in PV*SOL?


Best Regards,

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Hello Mehmet Senol,

edit: Please see the next post with updated information

at the moment it is not easily possible to create BTS towers or in general any objects with lattice structure. What I would recommend would be the following:

1) Make a solid tower like you did and simulate your project, so that you can see the energy yield of your system. This will be your worst case.

2) As a best case, delete this tower and simulate again.

3) As a further approximation you could create four very thin poles (use the chimney object) and place them in the corners of a square with the dimensions of the BTS tower. Simulating this kind of shading object will give you an energy yield that lies between your best and your worst values.


The real shading losses will be a bit higher than the value of simulation 3), but lower than simulation 1).


But it is good point, we will consider introducing this kind of shading object in the further. Thanks for that!


Kind regards,


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Update for new program version
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just a short update: In the meanwhile it is possible to import a number of 3D model formats directly in PV*SOL premium (from version 2018 on):


So, you can also search for BTS towers on the net and import them in PV*SOL premium 2018, like this (two examples from the Sketchup Warehouse):



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