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  1. Dear Martin, Thanks a lot for your kind help.
  2. Hello, I am trying to design a 3D PV system on a flat roof of a building. However, there is a tall BTS tower just next to the building. I have tried to model that lattice tower in 3D visualization but I could not succeed. The best I could do is to replace a solid chimney and change the texture of it. So it looks like a lattice tower. However, I think the PV system performance may change according to the shading from a lattice or solid tower. Is it possible to model a lattice tower in PV*SOL? Best Regards,
  3. Hi I am using PV-SOL Preminum R5. I have a problem related with "from-grid tariff" in Financial Analysis section. The from-grid tariff section allows entering a single energy price. However the electricity authority in my country offers different tariffs bands. For exmple the unit price of electricity is € 0.17 upto 250 kWh of consuption and increases to € 0.21 in the next 250 kWh. Should I take the average price and write it as an energy price or is there a way of specifying each band for more precise financial analysis? Thanks, Mehmet Senol
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