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3D desing picture taking problem


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I am currently working on a project that have over 10,000 mounted panels on one roof. For simulation I did couple separate PVSOL projects (as program have limitations) but now I am asked to supply pictures from different angles for 3D model which is impossible in the PVSOL at the minute. Please share ideas how could this be approach?

ps. for the aerial view I have combine pictures from all projects, but this is impossible if I do it in angle

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Hi chudy14,

if it only for illustration purposes you could try to increase the limit of the maximum allowed number of modules. Close PV*SOL, open the ini file ("C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2023\PVSOL.ini") and locate the line that says


Try to change the value to a higher one and then re-open PV*SOL. Keep in mind that you may run into performance issues, but sometimes it works (depending on the machine and the actual project).

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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Update on this:

With better pc it actually worked for Module Coverage but not for Mounted Modules for some reason, manage to complete project with 10914 modules on it and it crashed maybe twice (which I think is success!), I think if program would let me use my GPU to full extend (RTX 3080Ti) then there would be no problems but I am still happy with results I got!

Below cropped pic. (due to nature of project I cannot show to much):



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