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Still the same problem for large PV installations

David Heneš

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Hello gentlemen

We keep coming back to the same program error over and over again. As a company we design really large installations with the understanding that we only focus on rooftop PV. Your program is very popular with us, however it must be pointed out that with large installations the program has considerable problems using the available computer power and often likes to crash.

I am currently working on a project that has a deadline soon and after the eighth error of the program I really lost my nerve.

So I would need advice if there is a way to make the program stop crashing when taking data from the 3D environment.

Respectively, the program tends to crash sometimes even when saving strings (this is not such a common error though). However, when I want to go back to the program from the 3D environment, the program crashes almost every time.

I am sending a screenshot for demonstration.


Please, in case I can provide you with any further information on my side to solve this bug, do not hesitate to contact me.


David Heneš

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I'm still stuck at the freezing point. I'm a little sad that we pay a certain amount of money for the program every year and in the end we are not able to use it to its full potential.

As for the methods I have tried I add below a link to a topic whose procedure I have applied in the past.

So what is the solution? Should I try to simplify the project? Should I stop using the 3D environment of the program?

It seems to me like a drastic solution in case the program allows to work in 3D, moreover it is a pity that the customer does not get a visualization with the design result. However, I am able to accept it, that is for a temporary period.


Furthermore, I would like to ask at what stage the matter is resolved in the following topic.

I would like to apologize for my annoyance, but these minor issues are unnecessarily taking away from the functionality of the program and holding up the work. I am determined to continue to use PV*SOL, I just need to know the real state of affairs and whether these problems are known about or being worked on.



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Dear David Heneš,
dear customers,

first of all thank you for your valuable input, which is of utmost importance for us.

Might you be so kind to send me the project file via private message here in the forum so we can have a look into it and probably forward it to our technical support for help?

Rest assured that your messages are not unheard. We are a small team and we do try to further improve the user experience of PV*SOL, one step at a time. As far as the 3D editor is concerned: Unfortunately, our hands are tied in many aspects, which is why we are working intensely on a new 3D environment.

I will forward your messages to our 3D team leader. Yesterday I already talked to him regarding our known problems trying to to identify measures that can be implemented quickly. We are currently recruiting more developers to cope with the situation. We all do hope this progress takes off as expected.

I don't want to be that guy but at the moment, all I can do is ask for patience. 🙏

Kind regards,

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